• Skint, Studying And SLAYING!

    I am a third year University student and I have the condition OSD, commonly known as...obsessive shopping disorder! If you’re a fashion fanatic like me, you’re always wanting to spend money on the latest trends and styles. However, your bank balance may not agree with you. This blog is your guide... View Post
  • Love Island: Let's talk Lucie!

    Let’s talk Lucie!! What a girl! And how many of us can relate with her that boys are easier to get along with than girls and to be honest I couldn’t agree more! You can tell your ‘boy-friends’ everything and anything because they listen and always seem to take your side where as I’ve learnt that... View Post
  • Meet The Islanders By Kate

    After the long wait we've all anticipated for we've now seen the new islanders! The line up is here!!!The new islanders have now been announced and let’s just say they are probably some of the most well known people already or at least they will be in only days to come... #DayDot will land fas... View Post