• Meet The Islanders By Kate

    After the long wait we've all anticipated for we've now seen the new islanders! The line up is here!!!The new islanders have now been announced and let’s just say they are probably some of the most well known people already or at least they will be in only days to come... #DayDot will land fas... View Post
  • Love Island Pending By Kate

    As the sun is starting to reach our skies and highlight our days love island is also on our radars. If your anyone like me I simply can’t wait to see the new fashion trends and gossip flooding our TVs and phone screens... We are soon to be blessed with bikini bods and six packs but girls remembe... View Post
  • What Luna Loves: Pastels & Punk!

    Spring is here! Time to whip out those sunnies at the first sign of sunshine, start shaving those winter stems ready for short shorts season, picking out your favourite pastel pieces and if you’re anything like me.. a bit (a lot) of black    Spring? Black? Yup you heard it right. Who’s to say we... View Post