Love Island: Let's talk Lucie!

Let’s talk Lucie!!

What a girl! And how many of us can relate with her that boys are easier to get along with than girls and to be honest I couldn’t agree more! You can tell your ‘boy-friends’ everything and anything because they listen and always seem to take your side where as I’ve learnt that girls will always have their own opinion, even when it’s about YOUR life!
However surrounding yourself with the right group of girls will honestly let you live your absolute best life, as I’ve learnt myself. Perhaps Lucie needs to slightly give in too the girls and let down her guard and change her usual ways. At the end of the day how long do these Love Island relationships actually last?? Previously we have seen friendships last way longer than most of the relationships, Chris and Kem being our prime example.

And how about Joe? Are we really that keen on him, Lucie being the most natural and chilled girl in the villa and he goes on as if he needs to be the most protective and I believe he is simply just self conscious because perhaps he knows Lucie can do better? Who knows?

A little side note on Maura.. well let’s just say I am not her biggest fan and can’t quite tell if that’s really her personality or whether it’s all just for the cameras or perhaps the promo codes and free clothes that she will leave with whenever she leaves the villa. When we wanted more diverse people to arrive on love island I think we meant race and body types, NOT a range of personalities which a fair few need RID of! I really hope she shows us a better side, However last nights episode saw a rather hypocritical side of her.. what do you reckon?

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