Love Island Pending By Kate

As the sun is starting to reach our skies and highlight our days love island is also on our radars. If your anyone like me I simply can’t wait to see the new fashion trends and gossip flooding our TVs and phone screens...

We are soon to be blessed with bikini bods and six packs but girls remember everything we see on tv is usually altered in some way. Here at auroras we strive for body positivity and want to be inclusive of all sizes. Love yourself and don’t compare yourself to those on love island who are quickly going to be the most talked about people over summer. Yes of course they will look beautiful, but so will you!

I am not sure about you but I am absolutely guttered that Jack and Dani are no longer together... but this means a new couple is able to take there spot in the lime light. I wonder who becomes our faves from the beginning.

Me being me predicting what summer trends the islanders will be wearing; I believe NEON and SNAKEPRINT is going to be up there. And guess who sells both of them things together?? Of course Auroras Angels, in the Danielle pink and white snake print dress, you will look fab this summer and perhaps be up there with the islanders clothing choices.
But it’s all just a guessing game at the moment.

How do you think love island will play out this series?


  • Posted by Alaine on

    Oeh great post Kate! I definitely think neon and snake print will be in the love islanders wardrobes, I’m not as hyped for this cast though but that could all change!

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