Meet The Islanders By Kate

After the long wait we've all anticipated for we've now seen the new islanders!
The line up is here!!!The new islanders have now been announced and let’s just say they are probably some of the most well known people already or at least they will be in only days to come...

#DayDot will land faster than you think but how do you feel about the new islanders daring to go into the villa this year? Ranging from Tommy Fury, who is the world class champion boxers brother, Tyson fury, to your average flight attendant, Amy Hart. What a mixture already!


Kate says mehh! I hope the bombshells dropping weekly are going to be a large improvement however we will just have to do with what he have got for the first couple of episodes. Although I may already have my heart set on Tommy, I wonder if he is a kind, protective gentleman or does he give off the bad boy/player type like last years islander, Adam collard.

Blondes and brunettes showing off there sexy bikini bodies and diva-like personality’s. But how LOYAL do you think they will be this year. Will they choose relationships over friendships? Only time will tell.

And can we talk about the body diversity...

Can we say that Anna Vakilli is the shows attempt of showing a more diverse group of islanders, well to me I would just say she is a curvier girl and not at all PLUS SIZE! But I’m sure the islanders were very aware what the public are like and how quick to judge people can be!

But the countdown is well underway, 3rd of June WHERE YOU AT!!!

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