Say hello to one of our current ambassadors and trainee hair stylist, Cara. Our babe has recently joined a modelling agency which prides itself on diversity - This is Cara’s first step to encouraging women that they should be proud of their unique being. 

In regard to young girls who are struggling to accept their beauty, Cara believes that “it is a lesson that needs to be learnt. It is important to know that no girl is born with a flawlessly contoured face or a perfect pout. We are all unique, and that is what makes us individually beautiful”.

Like many of our other advocates, growing up for Cara came with struggles as she experienced body image self-doubt. One part of her body Cara has learnt to love over the years was her boobs. She shared with us how finding clothing that both fits and compliments her shape has been a great struggle.

Her journey to self-love took a long time, and whilst she now has the confidence to embrace her image she recognises the hardships she endured. Cara understands the importance of working with what God gave you, and with time she began to love herself.

Model: @caraaks
MUA: @bianca_j_x
MUA: @rebeccaeaglen_mua
Lead Style Manager: @_styledbyh
Stylist: @cerise_cee
Blogger: @dea_templeton
Outfit: Scarlet Front Popper Mini Dress £26