Presenting our sexy secretary babe, Charlotte! At the age of 22, Charlotte was extremely unhappy with herself and her body image. Being the largest of her friendship group she weighed 17.5 stone, and it was at this point her life changed dramatically. Charlotte lost a staggering 4 stone and is unrecognisable!

Growing up, whilst Charlotte wasn’t a recipient of confrontational bullying, she was on the receiving end of derogatory remarks primarily from boys. She shared with us how her first love hid their relationship, as he thought she wasn’t good enough. How a certain group of girls would be hostile and callous towards her. These individuals, who she thought were her ‘friends’ were only out to put her down.

Over the years, Charlotte has learned that there are more important things to be focusing your energy on in life; rather than listening to people who are only out to put others down! This babe now understands how cutting out negativity results in a positive healthy environment, and whilst this may come across blunt it demonstrates maturity. Charlotte is aware of her self-worth.

Her encouraging determination, and willingness to share her story, supports Charlotte’s work advocating towards showering one another with strength. Teenage years can often be a struggle for many, therefore Charlotte cannot stress the importance of surrounding yourself with individuals who are proud to call you their friend or partner. Find someone who builds up your confidence.

“If I knew what I do now, I’d stick up for myself. It’s never too late for you girls to do the same” - if not yourself, stick up for someone who feels like they can't.

Girls, we all have a voice. Now let’s use them to promote greatness. It’s time to uplift one another. Let’s all flourish together and honour our differences.





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