Now let me introduce the next star of our campaign, Essex babe Fay. Whilst she gives off a slightly shy vibe, once behind the camera her professionalism shines through and she totally nails it!

We are totally crushing over this sweethearts sense of style, and love her frequent outfit uploads. She is however, like many, no stranger to social media envy.

Social media platforms are used daily, and this immersive world showcases the perfectly filtered lives of millions. As a result of this, Fay has found herself questioning her worth and comparing her entire being to total online strangers and celebrities. Research shows that social media is a dominant contributor to teen anxiety, eating disorders and fragile self-esteem. Many adolescents aspire to be like their favourite model/celebrity or even compete with their friends for ‘likes’, damaging their self-esteem.

In many cases, this feeling of needing to compare yourself with another individual comes from the power of photoshop. A tool used by many companies and the media to ‘enhance’ looks. 

You only have to scroll through Instagram to find young girls mimicking industry ‘secrets’ and editing their bodies, as they feel their natural shape will be judged. 

Consequently, Fay is on a mission to inspire young women, and ensure they feel beautiful and most importantly comfortable in their own skin. Fay wants the world to know that “it is, in fact, okay to have imperfections. That’s what makes us all distinctive and remarkable women”.

Whilst Fay feels like she wasn’t blessed with the curvaceous figure she desires, she’s aware of how damaging to your mental wellbeing comparing yourself to these ‘edited’ models can be. This personal experience has taught her to accept that she is perfect just the way she is.

Girls, there’s no need to edit, hide away or compare yourself. “We are all different, we should ALL feel good in our own skin”. Love yourself, you’ve only got one life.

Model: @fay_weaver
MUA: @bianca_j_x
MUA: @rebeccaeaglen_mua
Lead Style Manager: @_styledbyh
Stylist: @cerise_cee
Blogger: @dea_templeton
Outfit: Lena Highwaisted Slashed Jeans £28 | Rio Twisted Long Sleeve Crop £22

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