Festival Feels

With festival season in full swing it’s important to ensure that you have prepped for a weekend of utter madness. Grab some cheeky wardrobe.. Or should I say backpack.. Pieces to make sure you stand out from the crowd!
And this year the crowds will be HEAD TO TOE IN GLITTER!
First things first, you need to grab the most essential UK festival item... A pair of wellies!
The British weather is so unpredictable, you don’t want to have to folk out £30 on a pair onsite! Bring your own and spend that £30 on some well deserved shots!
Check out my fave pairs!
Although these boots might be a little expensive they last, trust me... 3 Glastonbury's down and mine are still good as new!
Next thing to do is get all glittered up! No matter if you've got pressed eye glitter, body jewels or face gems... the sparkly the better!

Channel your inner glitter goddess girls! ​
Space buns with added glitter along visible roots is an ideal look for day 3 of the festival... in other words opt for this style when your hair is super greasy and you still want to channel that festival chic look!
The Gypsy Shrine stock all the sparkly festival needs a girl could want! Affordable and easy to apply go check out their current products!

The site also has various YouTube tutorial enabling you to recreate the perfect look!
Next on the agenda is the actual outfits! - Check out my 3 fave festival outfits of 2017... what do you guys think?
How cute is this gorgeous pale pink outfit! With braided hair and some pink facial gems and glitter you'll look like the ultimate festival princess! The kimono will look super stylish worn off the shoulder and will keep you warm once the sun has gone down. This look can be paired with some gorge wellies or even some pink fluffy sliders if the weather is looking lush!
I'm in love with this faux leather tassel skirt, if that doesn't scream festival chic then nothing does! In my eye's it's a great look and not to mention the cute ass boomerang you can capture!

Paired with a simplistic bra-let and some denim shorts that outfit is screaming out from some accessories! I'd recommend this gorgeous black hat and OF COURSE some body glitter! Why not get your cleavage all jewelled up!
This final look is screaming boho chic! These adorable flared trousers will look lovely paired with a simplistic bra-let! I'd recommend accessorising this outfit to the max! Bangles, shades, rings and a tasseled bag just to make sure you've got all the essentials close to hand!

Make yourself a cheeky checklist of all the essentials so you've got everything you need... especially suncream and glittaaaaaa!
Stay hydrated and of course glamorous!
Until next time girls,
Dea xo
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