Meet Freya, currently studying Fashion Communication and Promotion at Nottingham Trent University. This party girl graces us with killer outfits on the gram, giving us major style envy!

Her thoughts regarding female empowerment are definitely some that we can get behind.

Our gender does not define us.
Freya has experienced being shut down solely based on this aspect, and even had customer's request to be dealt with by a male - as they felt she was incapable of completing the task.

Growing up Freya was always the tallest of her friendship group, which occasionally could be a little frustrating. However, over time she’s adopted the mindset of “standing out from everyone else can only be a good thing”. Changing your attitude towards something you consider a flaw can allow you to flourish, however never change your appearance just to blend in or be accepted.

This babe is adamant that we should all feel 100% within ourselves. Having suffered from acne Freya learned to cover her condition, and as a result, she fell in love with the whole process of makeup. She shares how, whilst she received compliments for her skills, she also received comments such as ‘how can you be bothered spending all that time doing that?’

While she believes online platforms can be informative and help improve your image (for example via YouTube tutorials), it must also be noted that these sites pose a risk to impressionable individuals.

Our online status simply does not define who we are. Many of us put up a guard, follow the crowd and only share with the world a filtered version of ourselves. Be true to yourself.

Model: @freyascottt
MUA: @bianca_j_x
MUA: @rebeccaeaglen_mua
Lead Style Manager: @_styledbyh
Stylist: @cerise_cee
Blogger: @dea_templeton
Outfit: Sabrina Popper Trousers £28 | Rielle One Shoulder Crop (Black) £22

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