Let me introduce you to Gabriella, endorser of adult education and fierce athlete. This babe certainly knows how to have a laugh, and constantly maintains an entertaining charm. Gaby spends her time encouraging and uplifting women through her motivational Instagram captions and active lifestyle.


Being in the sporting industry, Gaby has been subdued to gender discrimination and remarks regarding her body image; as she is considered bustier than the norm. Whilst these interpretations resulted in personal setbacks and body image disapproval, Gaby now understands that she is capable of reaching her goals as an extraordinary woman.

Our babe has smashed the stereotypes that women are incapable of achieving greatness in sport, by competing in Regional, National and International track and field competitions. Her sporting success even landed her an American scholarship, proving that with determination, nobody can stand in your way.
Due to her successes, she aims to dispense her sentiment to young girls. It must be recognised that sport can be a force to amplify women's voices, and using her voice Gaby will tear down gender barriers and the misperception that women are weak or incapable.

“I would love to inspire young women to strive after their dreams and help them understand that things may be tough with obstacles holding us back, but with perseverance, every obstacle can be overcome”. This is very fitting considering Gaby is frequently jumping over hurdles!
Now let’s shout that louder for the people at the back.



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