She’s not afraid to stand out from the crowd and go against society's ‘norm’, it’s our tatted babe Jessica. Her distinctive and remarkable tattooed sleeves are her favourite feature, and ours too! If you keep up to date with Jess on Instagram you’ll be no stranger to her designs.

At the age of 20 years old, Jess is a headstrong and driven Assistant Manager; who in her spare time enjoys working out at the gym.

Jessica is on a journey to inspire young women that there are no rules or expectations regarding your personal image, you can and should be exactly who you want to be. Our girl advocates towards crushing the discrimination that appears to go hand-in-hand with tattooed females. She isn’t afraid to stand up for herself and others.

Drawing from personal experiences Jess shares how she has been subdued to comments regarding her personal choice to get tattoos. Comments such as “you're such a pretty young woman, why did you have to ruin it?” and “I don’t believe women should get tattoos”. This appalling judgement that women are unable to express themselves just as much as men clearly still exists today.
Jess also touches on body positivity and feeling comfortable in however you choose to dress. During her school years she had a secret hatred towards her thighs, however, since attending the gym Jess is extremely proud of how far she has come. This new found hobby has given her the confidence she lacked, driving her to begin a journey of inspiring girls to love their imperfections.

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