Introducing our part-time model who frequently appears on the Aurora’s site, meet Katie. This gorgeous babe believes that female empowerment inspires strength and pushes for equality.

Katie’s mission is to utilise her social media influence and demonstrate to others that you can express yourself in any way you please. Her online platform will assist Katie to share her thoughts regarding female empowerment and encourage the younger generation to be strong independent young women.

Katie has learned that it is perfectly okay to have flaws, and it is again okay to have occasional feelings of doubt. She shares how her biggest fight was learning to love herself, but with the support from other influential individuals, Katie now understands that you should love your uniqueness. You only have one life, and whilst nobody is perfect inside and out the best love you can give is to yourself! 

The world is currently on a mission to ensure every woman feels empowered, however, it just isn't quite there yet. A large portion of influential role models are currently advocating towards change. Using their positions of power to voice this much-needed fight can make all the difference to a young girls interpretations of her capabilities.  

Model: @katiemaraj
MUA: @bianca_j_x
MUA: @rebeccaeaglen_mua
Lead Style Manager: @_styledbyh
Stylist: @cerise_cee
Blogger: @dea_templeton
Outfit: Rielle One Shoulder Crop (Black) £22 | Chelsea Chain Print Taper Trousers £28

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