Meet the stunning Mariella, brains as well as beauty - our girl is a Drama Performing Arts student. This babe also works part-time along with studying.

Mariella explains how "there is nothing worse than feeling down in the dumps about your appearance”. Stretch marks are real. Cellulite is real. Encouraging women to share their stories, and most importantly show off their insecurities, whilst going about daily life will inspire the younger generation. Showcasing that there is absolutely no need to hide away. Don’t be scared to wear a bikini, or any other item of clothing simply because of stretch marks and cellulite. Embrace your true self.

Drawing from personal experiences, Mariella shared how she had previously struggled to learn to love her whole figure.  

Mariella felt like her appearance needed altering in order to fit in and be considered beautiful - like the women she was seeing online. It is vital to note that people only share the best of themselves online. Nobody posts a photo with messy hair, no makeup, and a massive breakout when in actual fact that is the reality of life. Nobody wakes up utterly flawless.

Whilst Mariella felt this pressure, she has learned that social media does not define you entirely and that in actuality, everyone is beautiful and unique in their own way. “I’ve learned to love my curves, God made me this way and I’m going to totally own it!”

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