Crushing the stereotypical norm is our girl, Lauren. With her distinctive hairstyles, this hunny isn’t afraid to stand out from the crowd. Her wildly hyper attitude is utterly infectious, lighting up every room she enters.

Lauren is passionate to boost the younger generations perception of themselves, by offering advice regarding how to love ‘imperfections’.

At the age of 15, Lauren endured a major surgery and has since braved another five - resulting in three large scars across her body. Research has shown that there is a significant correlation between a visible scar on someone’s body and the way they interpret peer assumptions. Many individuals feel stigmatised and less attractive due to their scarrings, often leading to depression.

Having struggled with body image, peer acceptance, and self-love, Lauren has overcome her enormous battle and now celebrates her fight. This babe acknowledges her struggle and now vows her scars are what make her unique.
Utilising her online platform and participation in this campaign, Lauren is on a mission to support girls in similar situations. Showcasing that with perseverance, encouragement and a healthy mind, you can be a confident individual who is happy in their own skin.

It’s important for women to accept themselves for exactly who they are. Let’s all adopt Lauren’s ethos of “loving yourself because if you don’t, nobody else will”.

Model: @laurennjadee_xx
MUA: @bianca_j_x
MUA: @rebeccaeaglen_mua
Lead Style Manager: @_styledbyh
Stylist: @cerise_cee
Blogger: @dea_templeton
Outfit: Adrianna Lace Up Back Crop £22 | Alexa Lace Up Side Skirt £24

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