Fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger Samnang is the next girl I’d like to introduce to you. Not only is our girl a current fashion and textiles student, but she frequently shares blog posts. Established last year, Samnang aspires to utilise her platform and generate a safe online space for young girls to seek beauty and fashion advice.

Samnang is on a mission to be that much-needed guidance for the younger impressional generation, especially since she experienced firsthand the anxieties of voicing her true self online. She shared how “there is always a lot of negativity and hate within a school environment, girls hold back on expressing their passions due to fear of being made fun of and become reserved”.

Our babe's body confidence story is similar to a large portion of girls. Many people only hear about the term “fat shaming” however, “skinny shaming” occurs on a daily basis. Just because somebody has a slim build does not necessarily mean that they are happy with their shape. Body shaming is an act of humiliation, something that no girl should ever experience.

Samnang herself has a petite frame, being 5’3 and a size 6, and has previously struggled to find clothes which both fit and suit her style.
With the support of others, Samnang has learned to love her shape. Explaining how, like herself, we should “be fearless! Wear whatever you like without worrying about other opinions”.
Encouragement is the key to success and happiness, we are all on the same team. No matter what shape or size you are, we are all beautiful. Samnang aspires to show other girls that we have no limits so go chase those dreams.


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