Beaut Bralets

 With the summer approaching and holidays getting ever closer, one ‘must have’ this season is a lace bralet! Heck why not get a whole wardrobe of them! Not only are they super comfy and stylish but they also give you that sassy feel-good vibe.
Not matter if you just want something to make a look subtly girly or if you feel like going all out extra then lace bralets are the one!
Aurora’s has recently stocked some utterly gorgeous pieces that are so versatile allowing you to create several outfits for any occasion! Which one is ya fave?!



  1. For a casual daytime look you could pair a bralet with some high-waisted denim jeans and a wear over a basic white crop for those 90’s feels! Stick on some fur slides if you feel extra af, or even some cute heels if you’ve got plans with the girls!


  1. Make ya boiler-suit look super sexy leaving it slightly unbuttoned and off the shoulder. Stick a lace bralet under and you’ve got yourself a very edgy vibe going on.


  1. Denim on denim on lace?! HELL YEA! Opt for a tight denim skirt and an oversized denim jacket, pair this daring combo with your fave bralet and all eyes will be on you!  


  1. There’s nothing more chilled than wearing an oversized baggy t-shirt… right? Stretch the neckline of a super loose fitted tee, styling it both ridiculously low cut and off the shoulder. Adding that bralet under will make ALL the difference! Pair this tucked into some denim shorts.


  1. GO ALL OUT GIRLFRIEND! Dam if yo’ slaying in that bralet then hunny show the god dam world! Pair with a leather skirt, some killer heels, a fur jacket (for when you leave the club) and the most bling choker you can get ya hands on!


I can’t wait to play around with my wardrobe full! – I’m not even joking I’ve stocked up enough for a different one every day of the week!
Be sure to grab your favourite piece before it’s gone! – Use my code at the Aurora’s checkout for 30% off!
Until next time girls,
Dea xo

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