Beating The Odds Blog - Who Am I!

Welcome to No Angles November! For those of you who may not be familiar with me… allow me to introduce myself – Beatingtheoddsblog a.k.a Soraya. A 26 year old female from Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire… with a couple of mental illnesses.

I say mental illnesses and not mental health, because everyone has mental health. Just not all of us are healthy in the mind. I speak about my mental illnesses and the importance of mental health openly on my social media, I touch on a few other subjects as well. I speak about it all openly and honestly… it’s my truth. I started @beatingtheodds because I realised that people who were similar to me may not have had anyone to relate to, or openly see anyone talking about it as the majority of people on social media portray themselves ‘living their best lives’. You don’t really see those dark days or actually get to know someone past their caption. @beatingtheodds is my way of giving to others and letting them know they aren’t on their own, because I never want anyone to feel alone or un-related to.

There was a time and there still is when I felt alone and not understood by myself or a single person, I had nobody to speak to, relate to and I felt like I was the only person experiencing ‘madness in my mind’. It’s taken a really long time for me to open up and talk about it, it’s affected my life in a very big way – I judge people a lot less for one and I’m really conscious of all kinds of stigmas people face. My relationship with my Mum is something that was difficult for a very long time, being from a generation that did not recognise mental illness has been a journey for us both. I’ve had to learn to speak to her in a language that she understands, she has also had to adapt and understand something that was very alien to her.

If I have to label myself as society dictates, then I have anxiety and depression, the labels in society don’t seem to be going anywhere so I’m here to own it and be a step towards making a positive change in the way the world thinks. The anxiety is something I manage on a daily basis, depression is like a really bad reoccurring Netflix series that you’re waiting to get cancelled… but it just comes back. With them both I have days where I can’t get out of bed – example, today it took me 3 hours to get out of bed because I am so scared about this month and how I will be reviewed, I’ve had suicidal thoughts and come very close to it, I avoid being social after work and I avoid people I know all the time in Tesco.

No Angles November was a creation between a conversation that Robyn the Auroras Angels Owner and I were having, when I was venting as I usually do about the world being so obsessed with image and less concerned with reality. Lo and behold ‘No Angles November’, to me this month is about being YOU, accepting and loving yourself for who you are. No angles in the mirror, breaking your back for shape, if you want to be natural be natural, if you want to wear a face of make up one day and not the next that’s fine. What I’m basically saying is that this Kardashian culture of perfectness is fuelling us towards inadequacies and lack, when we really are whole as we are. NAN, @aurorasangels and I are here to show you how.

Throughout November we will be talking and discussing various life situations that we all face. I will specifically be talking about the mental health side of things and how this affects me, situations I’ve been in, what I do and done to help myself and just being very open. I really hope that this helps anyone that is struggling.

I hope you enjoy x