It has been noted by professional that approximately 1.6million people in the UK are affected by an eating disorder, however, these statistics only relate to those who have attained medical help and shared their struggle. Today’s post takes a look at just one of those 1.6million, our stunning babe Tori. Having a platform to share her struggles Tori hopes that youngsters find their inner strength to seek that much-needed support. This is a battle that cannot be (and doesn’t have to be) fought alone.

Tori (@victoriagrace_x) is adamant that people must acknowledge everything you see online isn’t the whole truth, just because someone is ‘picture perfect’ it doesn’t mean they don’t have personal demons they fight on a daily basis. The social media world can be so damaging to vulnerable individuals mental and physical health. Everyone has their flaws and it is perfectly ok not to be ok!

“Social media has developed a criteria for the ‘perfect girl’. It seems like if you don’t have the ideal body shape, big boobs and lip fillers for example, then you simply do not ‘fit in’. Social media should be used to empower one another! I’ve found that even when girls do meet this stereotypical ‘criteria’ they still fall victim to online abuse. Why do some individuals feel that it is perfectly acceptable to comment negativity and state if they think you are too skinny or need to lose weight? I want to help stop people thinking that there is only one way everyone has to look. It’s okay to be different.”
Tori’s journey began back when she was 12 years old, during this time a naïve individual told her that if she ate too much she’d get ‘really fat’. This overexaggerated information festered in Tori’s young vulnerable mind and eventually was the trigger to an extremely serious condition. Tori explained to us how she would hide her food at the dinner table, avoid eating and even wrap food up to dispose of when nobody was around. This situation was not only damaging her health but due to discreetness people around her didn’t notice her struggle until it had gotten awfully serious. This young girl was starving herself in a plea with her body not to get ‘fat’ - like she had been warned.

As time progressed Tori’s health plummeted, to the point where she was admitted to hospital with dehydration as well as being categorised as severely underweight. Although this condition was tremendously daunting, she insisted that she wanted to look exactly like the size 6 supermodels she had seen displayed in magazines.

“I think the modelling industry gives out the wrong impression regarding what the ‘ideal’ woman should look like, there shouldn’t be an ‘ideal’ look… everyone is perfect. People see those tiny size 6 models and feel like they have to lose weight in order to be accepted. There should be a range of women showcased on the cover of magazines, it is such a great platform to empower all shapes and sizes.”

Looking back on her journey, Tori explains how she refused nourishment in a bid to ‘fit in’. Various pressures contributed to Tori’s damaging mindset regarding her weight including the previously mentioned modelling industry. Our girl also shone a light on her opinion regarding other topics which could easily trigger eating disorders.

“Body shaming is such a horrible experience to be on the receiving end of, and unfortunately for some people, it is such a daily occurrence which completely demolishes any feeling of confidence. Individuals are so unaware of the pain that a passing comment can cause. Online trolling regarding someone’s weight can ruin self-belief! If a girl uploads an image online, for the world to see, she clearly feels good about herself and her appearance; yet some individuals find the need to express unneeded nasty opinions. Coming from experience I know how hurtful it can be!!

Even now I get told that I don’t need to go to the gym because I’m a ‘skinny mini’ (this comment is always followed by laughter and jokes), but what they don’t know is that I’m actually on a journey to build muscle and strength in order to combat my illness. Why do they feel that their opinion on my weight is ok? Why do they feel the need to snigger?” 

You aren’t alone in your fight, but you certainly don’t need others dragging you down and triggering negative thoughts. Everyone is unique, and nobody should feel like they aren’t skinny enough or don’t look good enough compared to others. It may feel like you are stuck in this dark place but once you begin to love yourself you’ll start your journey to a healthy happy life.


If you or someone you know is suffering from an eating disorder, helplines and services are available below:

Anorexia and Bulimia Care
Phone: 03000111213

Young Minds
Phone: 08088025544 (Monday to Friday 9.30am – 4pm)

Phone: 08088010677


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