Brand Ambassador Commission FAQ

How do I sign up: 

Only active pod link members will be given the access. You will get given a link which you will need to fill out. Once filled out we will accept you and your account will go live.


Can I be removed from this programme?

Yes, we have limited available spaces. Therefore anyone inactive will be removed. 


How much commission do I receive?

You will receive 10% of the final sale after discounts have been applied. Shipping is not included. 


What happens with the other referral link on the points system?

Stays the same as we have genuine customers. You have the option of an automatic 30% discount and points, or you can use the referral link. 


Can I get commission if I have a personal code? 

Yes! If you can get two referral links used per calendar month on your points or commission account, you will be given a personal discount code. 


Does the commission link add discount?

No, your friends or family will need to use the discounts available on our site/Instagram. 


When do we get paid our commission?

At the end of every month.