Official Auroras Angel Information

Congratulations on being an official Auroras Angel!

Here is information on our programme and what we require from you in order to remain on our Team! 

Your 30% off discount code: AURORASANGEL

- Minimum spend £20 available sitewide except sale and clearance.

On joining you will be added to our start up group chat on Telegram. Here you will be on trial for 8 weeks. You will be required to:

- Be active for 8 weeks.

- Supporting by liking and commenting every Auroras Angels Post. We suggest you turn on our post notifications so you don’t miss out.

- Follow and support all the other Auroras Angels.

- Must be featured in the first 8 weeks. 

Successful Angels will be then transferred to our official chat, unsuccessful Angels will be removed from our programme after 8 weeks. 

Once you’ve completed our trial period you will need to ensure you are doing the following to remain on our team:

- Must be following every Auroras Angel and supporting their posts. Anyone not supporting will be removed.

- Must be commenting and liking all Auroras Angels posts. Turn on our page notifications. (If unable - you must catch up within 7 days)

- Must be reposting Stories and PR offers posted in the Telegram chat. If unable on more than one occasion you will be removed.

- Must be building points and staying active every month. If you haven’t purchased or been featured within 8 weeks you will be removed.

- Allowances given for unavoidable situations. I.E on a plane/in an exam/Hospital appointments etc.

Points will be rewarded to your account as follows: 

- Instagram/Website Feature: 350 points

- Instagram Story Feature: 200 points 

Auroras Angels Contact Details:

Enquiries regarding your programme please contact Sophia at

Enquiries regarding deliveries or orders please contact Ellie at