VIP Updates Starting 1/10/18


Beginning 1st October 2018 we are making some small changes to our Brand Ambassador Scheme. You may have noticed a few slight changes to our information page on maintaining your space within our programme. We will outline each change and why we are making this change below. Your team managers will also give you some updates on this and can advise you on how to make sure you keep your space on our affiliation programme.


Ensure you have a team manager:

We have noticed a great deal of girls are not in teams. Please ensure by 1st October you have a designated team manager. By the 1st October you will have 3 team managers available to you and potentially another if anyone is upgraded. We have regular discussions with the team managers to let you guys know what we are looking for in regards to themes, images, marketing tactics and more. The Auroras Angels owners have become increasingly busy and cannot always be available on Telegram dealing with requests, however we have entrusted our Diamond team managers with our information and they can pretty much answer everything you need to know! These team managers can help you move up the system, they are incredible young ladies please go to them before you come to the Auroras Angels Owners. Owners are for urgent matters only including deliveries.


Ensure your profile is becoming influencer standard:

We want girls who are serious about becoming a social media influencer, from the 1st October 2018 our social media team will be individually assessing everyone's social media accounts, points history, store spend, quality of your images and profile, have you been featured or not, how often are you taking images of Auroras items and more. We don't want anyone in our team becoming complacent and thinking that building 500 points every 4 weeks is okay. If that was so, we wouldn't be doing our job correctly in helping you grow. This team isn't just for building friendships its for getting you noticed in something your very passionate about. If social media influencing isn't your thing then you may find this programme isn't for you.

If we feel your account is missing something you may be set a conditional offer by the Auroras Angels Owners or Team Managers that you must complete. If you do not complete this conditional offer you will unfortunately lose your ambassador space. Auroras is growing at a rapid rate and the level is getting higher, we must move with the times.


Use your points!

Points will now be on a time limit on your store. If no points are used within 8-12 weeks your saved points will be removed.


We have new rewards for you!

We're bringing in two new rewards for this moment in time.

Any BA Orders OVER £70 will win a free mystery item in your parcel.